How to furnish your evenings with bridge

Board games have become the king in terms of furnishings and good atmosphere during evenings with friends or during family gatherings. While it is true that there is a multitude of games in this genre, bridge is the card game that will certainly take you off the usual beaten track and explore a horizon that is sure to be thoughtful and complex.

What is bridge?

Bridge is a card game. Of British origin, the game has conquered over the years the world from European countries to America. The game is based on a bidding system of raises and is played in teams. The card game generally requires a team of 04 players divided into 02 teams of 02 people. The minimum age required is 10 years old and the duration of a game is about 2 hours and more.

Le jeu quant à lui se déroule en deux phases dont la première détermine le contrat à jouer par le déclarant et la seconde étant la partie du jeu pendant laquelle le déclarant tente de réaliser au moins le nombre de levées annoncé par le contrat.

The competitive side of bridge

As you may suspect, like most card games, bridge is also a game of chance. However, in order to highlight the talent of the most experienced players, the score of each player is compared to that of the others. Two main systems are possible:

  • The pairs tournament: in this tournament, the players are not fixed. You can opt for the Mitchell type move in which the players move from table to table, at the same time, the deals rotate in the opposite direction. Next to this type of move, you also have the option of the Howell type move. Here, each pair follows a predetermined move plan that will lead them to meet the other pairs. The deals here are fixed so they stay on the tables where they are played, it is the pairs themselves that move.
  • The match by four: here, two teams of four players play against each other on the same deals by crossing the lines. Deal by deal, the scores of each team are compared and the point difference between the two teams is converted using a standard conversion table to reveal the winning team and the gap between the opponents.

Distribution of players

Bridge is played at Each qualified player represents one of the points of the compass and the teams made up of players represent the opposite points of the compass. The North-South and East-West teams are then referred to as the North-South and East-West teams. Teams must strive to score the highest number of points by succeeding in breaking a contract, i.e. a promise made by one of the two pairs to complete a certain number of tricks.

For a better atmosphere, depending on the number of people present at the party, it is advisable to organise a tournament based on groups of 04 players during which the less performing teams will be eliminated as they go along until the 02 best teams can compete in an ultimate final, enough to put enough pep in the competition.