What is bridge?

Games are intellectual or physical play activities that can be practised in a group or alone. Although each game has its own objectives, rules and prerequisites, the goal is still to have fun. In times of confinement, many families have been accustomed to gather around board games in order to share moments of joy, exchange and sharing. However, there are several types of board games including memory games, dice, cards and many others. In this article, we will introduce you to "bridge" which is a card game that is very popular with teenagers and teenagers.


The origins of this game are still very mixed, but never mind, the word bridge is said to be derived from the Russian word biritch used in old card games in the Soviet Union. The ancestor of bridge is the whist (games with more or less the same rules) which is given two meanings. One is the act of quickly picking up the cards after winning a trick, the other by imposing silence through the word whist which means shush. Bridge was born in England at the beginning of the 16th century. Bridge was later developed by European diplomats and arrived in France in the 1880s before becoming known later in the United States. Some historians state that this board game was played in Constantinople during the Russian-Turkish war in the 1877s. So what are the rules of this popular game?

Principle of the game

Bridge is played with fifty-two cards divided into four suits which are the clover, heart, spades and diamonds. Each suit is represented by thirteen cards and each of these cards has a particular value ranked from the highest to the lowest according to whether it follows: ace, king, jack, 10 and so on up to 2. For this game we need four players representing the four cardinal points and forming two sides of two players. After the cards have been dealt, each player has thirteen cards. Each player then places one card on the table (trick) and the team with the highest card value wins the trick. At the end, the team that has won the most tricks out of the thirteen possible will have won the game.

Bridge vocabulary

Bridge has its own language which makes it different from other card games. It is therefore imperative for bridge players to understand its vocabulary which consists of the following words:

  • Auctions :une enchère est constituée d’un chiffre d’une dénomination
  • Agreement :it represents the minimum number of lifts for a camp.
  • Bearing :it is the number that partly constitutes the expression of an auction.
  • Forcing :a bid is said to be forcing when it obliges the partner to respond
  • Declaration :it represents all the ways of expressing oneself during an auction sequence.
  • Asset :this is the preferred colour designated during the auctions
  • No trump card :This is when no trump colour has been designated.
  • Opening :this is the first auction.
  • Answer :this is the answer of the opener's partner
  • Slam :contrat nécessitant la réalisation de 12 ou 13 levées.